Summer trends 2020

Go for Brands' Summertime trends board is here! 

Take a peak at our summer outfit recommendations and go crazy in your dressing room. 

As we know, summer is the season that brings most colors into our outfits. After all, they do their magic on some perfectly tanned and fresh skin, right? 

Color of 2020: Flame Scarlet. Sexy sounding, sexy looking. 

Material of 2020: Brace yourselves as this may not be the first material to pop in your mind: Leather. Colorful leather. So, grab those tight & sexy red leather pants and break some necks.

Trends of 2020: Bermuda shorts are making a comeback this summer, as well as the classy polka dots and some eye-catching retro prints. Also, make sure to match either a big, big bag or a tiny, tiny bag with a pair of heeled loafers and rock this summer!

Prints of 2020: Well, this is the year to go hard or go home. It's been a while since we all gave up on matching based on color tones, but here's the new and exciting element this year brings: wear whichever prints you want, as long as they complement each other and don't cancel themselves out. 

Yes, it's tough to digest, but rest assured, this is achievable. Remember that combo between roses and leopard, mixed with some studs? This is what this summer is all about.

Accessories of 2020: we'll still rock those hoops and enhance our fingers with some rings or bracelets, so accessories-wise, 2019 is still on this year.

Ladies & gents, 2020 has started off on the wrong foot and although you make this it's a total waste, I would say not. We still have half a year ahead and I'm pretty sure we can make up for the half we lost.

I guess we can come up with a 2020 motto: Carpe diem

Happy shopping!


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