Terms & Conditions

The website www.goforbrands.com is property of SERRAPLANA SRL (referred to as "the Company") and administered by the Company, as a seller with registered office in Bd Ion Mihalache 313, Bucharest 011183, Romania, having its Company Number 30444293, Nr. RegCom.: J40/14399/12.12.2014, VAT RO42250592.

Use of the website www.goforbrands.com requires the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions.

Our website and its entire content is protected in concordance to the Romanian intellectual property rights. Appropriation, usage or copying of our website's content without our express consent is punishable by law. As such, it's strictly prohibited to copy, duplicate, modify, appropriate, fill out, expose, removing logos, removing texts, images or content, distribution of info from our website to third parties, without our express consent.

This policy determines the Terms & Conditions of utilizing our website, the rights and obligations of parties involved in the present commercial relation and the conditions needed to be met in order to purchase the good commercialized by SERRAPLANA SRL.

Any individual or legal entity (referred to as "the Client") that proceeds to purchasing any of our merchandise found on our website has to be at least 18 years of age, to have full exercise capacity and to not be incapable of purchasing goods, as the Romanian Civil Code regulates.

The entire content of this website, from texts and images and up to purchasing is ruled by the Romanian Civil Code.

Our sold products will always be accompanied by a bill, which the Client has to keep for as long as necessary.

The Company will deliver the merchandise bought by the Client from the European Union Territory. 

Payments will be done in EURO (EUR). All prices displayed are in EURO (EUR).

The Client must pay beforehand the value of the products purchased, in order to complete the transmission of the ownership rights on the goods, as the Romanian Civil Code regulates.

The Company informs the Client that our products are 100% authentic and are as described on the website. Under no circumstance the Company will commercialize counterfeit goods.

The Company will list its products in such manner that the Client will fully understand the description of the products. For more info regarding certain products, please feel free to contact us.

The Company has the right to remove certain products from the website, without notifying. 

The Company has the right to set the desired prices and modify them at any time, without notifying.

When placing an order, the Client must make sure the personal info provided (full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) is correct. If after placing said order, the Client notices there's an error in above mentioned info, he / she has to immediately contact the Company and inform them. The Company cannot be held liable for errors in informations that the Client created.

After placing an order, the Company will first confirm it with the Client and afterwards, process it. If no confirmation exists, the package won't be sent.

The Client is responsible with receiving the package.

The Company is not responsible for the delivery times. For more informations regarding the delivery of your package, please refer to FedEx.

In the Client won't claim the package, it will be sent back to us and the cost of the products will be refunded to the Client. Keep in mind that any unclaimed package leads to the Client having to pay a 45EUR fee. Please see detailed info on our How to return a product policy.

All packages will be delivered by FedEx. For more informations, please visit our Delivery methods policy.

The Client can create an account on our website. Its role is to facilitate the services we provide. All info collected by us from the Client will be secured and stored, as described in our Confidentiality Policy.

By placing an order on our website, the Client acknowledges all of our policies and agrees with them entirely. 

In the case of a commercial dispute, the Client and the Company should solve it amicably. The Client will not bring prejudice to the Company's image and website in any way, or he / she will be held accountable.


Romanian law is applicable entirely.